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When first creating content for your brand or business, it can easily become overwhelming. You might be thinking to yourself, "Where do I even start?"


Content Pillars are a great way to take the stress out of content planning and posting, and they make it easy to understand how to best showcase your brand in an organized fashion.


Pillars are like categories to organize the different types of content you would like to post. They streamline your brand and your messaging. 

DD TIP: Pick 3-5 core content topics that demonstrate your expertise and support your overall mission and business objectives!

First, it's important to take some time to think about what your brand represents and what you want people to know, learn or see about it.  The pillars are unique to your business - there is no right or wrong answer and you don't have to use the exact same ones forever.


Start off by picking 3-5 topics that you feel confident in sharing, teaching, showcasing etc.


For example, if you were an artist, you could showcase painting behind the scenes, tips & tricks, and your work/products.


You can then start creating content that fits into one of those three buckets. They don't need to be perfect, but they will help you align your goals and strategies in the long run. Building your content pillars is a fun and easy activity to organize what messaging and content you want to share with your audience and future customers. These pillars will continue to be important to reference as you develop and create any type of content or branding. Have fun with it and start brainstorming!

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